According to the astrology of the ancient Greco-Egyptian charts, on November 19, 2008 our Moon sextile Saturn at 60 degrees as this beautiful mysterious planet entered Pisces; activating the birth of the Age of Agape.
        The coordinating triune of the cosmic energies of the Moon, Saturn and Pisces are generating a synthetic  resonance that is permeating our planet with an extraordinary frequency of Divine love. This powerful energy is vibrating the human soul; thereby, causing manifestation of the soul’s fate of conscious awakening, as we approach the realization of God Consciousness, spiritual enlightenment and the liberation of the human soul, which includes the expression of the soul’s divine duty of human destiny. This divine energy of soul vibration is called Agape (unconditional love for the whole of humanity)
        Agape is love that emanates from the depths of the soul rather than from the bottom of the heart. This soul love for all souls is undiscrimatory.

“Agape includes the love of thy enemy”


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